2021 Scavenger Hunt Clues! Last Chance to join!

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Did you miss a week of the February scavenger hunt clues? No problem! There’s still time to send in your finished log sheet!

Send your EAS-Scavenger-Hunt-2021-Fillable to website@erinfair.com by midnight Saturday, March 6th to be entered into the prize draw!

Week 1

  1. Although they stayed closed this year, thousands have passed through these over the years on Thanksgiving!
  2. Every kid’s favourite store in town!
  3. A flashing green light means they’re on their way to this place in town!
  4. Get there early and you might be lucky to get an apple fritter that is still warm!

Week 2

  1. Follow the trail up the hill that leads to a view over the town
  2. A seasonal spot for a delicious cold treat
  3. Tucked in the middle of town, is where this playground can be found and is named after a Queen
  4. This emblem can be found all around town

Week 3

  1. Down the stairs, through the woods, an over a bridge.  This trail connects from Main Street to Delarmbro Drive
  2. This store ensures you get the right parts – the first time.  A huge supporter of the Demolition Derby at the Fall Fair
  3. Originally a rail line in 1879, this location has been widely used for pedestrians, bicyclists, and snowmobiles since 1988
  4. Built in 1886 – originally intended to be a hospital, this hotel nestled in the heart of Erin has become a popular spot for live music, great food and drinks

Week 4

  1. Your one stop shop for you and your pets.
  2. This body of water flows through the Town of Erin
  3. A building where many resources are at your finger tips, this one has a view of the pond
  4. a monument in honour of a person or group whose remains are elsewhere.  November is when they are remembered