Special Needs

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Class 45: Special Needs

Committee: Philippa Bodolai, Suzanne Whaley, Lindsay Bodolai

  1. This section is opoen to anyone with a physical or developmental disability.
  2. All entries may be completed using hand over hand if needed.
  3. There is no age limit for this Class.

All entries to be registered online through Assist Expo in advance: https://www.assistexpo.ca/erin-agricultural-society#

Prizes: 1st: $5, 2nd: $4, 3rd: $3, 4th: $2

Section: Crafts:


Picture collage – find pictures of horses doing farm work and make a collage

not to exceed 8 1/2" x 11"


Thanksgiving Harvest Basket – using a basket not to exceed 12", create a display using fruits, vegetables and flowers.


Wooden Spoon Farm Animal – using a wooden spoon and any medium, create an animal that you would see on a farm.


Clay Pot Spider – use any medium and a 3" or 4" clay pot to create a Hallowe'en spider


Fruit and Vegetable Prints – not to exceed 12" x 18"

using different pieces of fruit and vegetables dip them into paint and press onto a sheet of paper


Finger Print Apple Tree - not to exceed 12" x 12"

Use your arm and hand as the trunk and branches and your fingers as apples and leaves.


Crayon Melt Art – Canvas not to exceed 11" x 14"

Melt crayons on canvas to make a colourful masterpiece.


Photos can be taken by someone else but mounted and/or framed by the exhibitor. Creative mounting is encouraged.


A photograph of a field of crops. Not to exceed 5" x 7"


A photograph of a barn. Not to exceed 5" x 7"


A photograph of a vegetable or flower garden. Not to exceed 5" x 7"