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Be sure to read Exhibitor Rules and Regulations. Specific rules for contests, competitions and classes can be found in the individual PDF’s on this page. Always include your emergency number on entry forms to ensure delivery of prize money. Read our Privacy Policy here.

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Office: 184 Main Street, Box 906, Erin, Ontario N0B 1T0
Phone: (519) 833-2808 (leave message)
Fax: (519) 833-0673

Attention Erin Fair Exhibitors
In the Erin Fair Book there are several references to possibly completing registration online using Assist Expo. Unfortunately this option will not be completed in time for the Erin Fair. Please register as you have in the past using the PDF entry forms provided on this page.


Heavy Horse (Class 13)
Registered Haflinger & Heavy Horse Pull (Classes 13a & 14)
Ontario Barrel Racing (Class 15)
Welsh Ponies & Sportponies
(Classes 16 & 16a)
Gaited Horse (Class 16g)
Open Horse (Class 17)
Hunter / Jumper (Class 18)

Dairy & Beef

Grand River Jersey (Class 19)
4-Hers Little Royal (Class 20)

Galloway Junior & All-Beef Breed
(Classes 21 - 24)
4-H Inter-Club & Market Beef
(Classes 25 & 26)

Small Animals

Goats (Classes 2 - 5)
Sheep & Lambs (Classes 6 - 11 and 12)
Mimosa 4-H Poultry Club
Rabbits and Cavy (Class 28)
Note: Contact for Class 28 have changed to and submission date has been extended to Friday Oct. 4, 2019.