Becoming aFall Fair Vendor

2017 Fall Fair Bookings


General Information

If you wish to rent a space for the 2017 Erin Fall Fair please complete the agreement PDF below and return with payment. Ensure that your email address is on your application so that we can send a confirmation of receipt to you via email.

Download Complete Vendor Package
(PDF includes: Vendor 2017 Welcome Letter, Rental Agreement form, Rules and Regulations and Insurance form)

For your convenience the above package is available in separate PDFs for reference.
Vendor 2017 Welcome Letter
Rental Agreement & Rules and Regulations
Insurance Form

  1. In the event that a question arises not answered in the Rules and Regulations of the agreement, the decision of the concession committee and the executive committee shall and will be final. Any one persons not in compliance shall be asked to leave the premises with no refund available to vendor but the space rented will remain if vendor chooses to comply. Authorities will be notified to remove persons if the situation escalades past where the committee member feels threatened or uncomfortable.
  2. If for any reason it is necessary to cancel this Agreement, the Erin Agricultural Society must be notified 15 days prior to the opening day of the Fair or there will be no refund. There will be a 20% cancellation fee deducted from your refund for administrative costs.
  3. One standard 15 amp. 110 v. outlet will be available at the listed cost OR one 30 amp. 220 v. outlet will be available at the listed cost. Additional electrical service must be connected by the Society’s Electrician.
  4. Public address systems at concessions, selling of raffle tickets on the Fair Grounds, or subletting of space, is not permitted without the written permission of the Erin Agricultural Society, before August 31st.
  5. The Society reserves the right to limit the number of admission passes to Concessionaires.
  6. The Society will take all reasonable precautions to ensure the safety of displays, which are placed at owner’s risk. There will be security on the grounds commencing 7 pm Thursday evening and for the remainder of the fair.
  7. Concessionaire will be liable for, and will indemnify and hold harmless the Erin Agricultural Society from any loss or damages whatsoever suffered as a result of any loss or damages by theft, rain or whatsoever occurring to, or suffered by, any person or company, including, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, Concessionaires, the Society, the owner of the building and their respective agents, servants, employees and members of the public attending the Fair, either (a) on the said space or (b) elsewhere if said loss or damages arose from or were in any way connected with Concessionaires occupancy of space. PROOF OF $2,000,000 INSURANCE IS REQUIRED.
  8. The following items will NOT be allowed to be sold: knives of any type, laser pointers/lights, exploding bags, cap guns, drugs, drug related items, illegal items, any clothing, hats, belts, buckles, shirts, pants, blankets, etc. that have cursive words written or inscribed on them and any item that may be of a safety concern. The Erin Agricultural Society has the right to ask for or ask the vendor to remove these items. First offence will result in a warning given, second offence will result in the vendor being removed from the grounds and authorities called if necessary. If vendor is removed due to second offence, there will be no refund given back to vendor by the Erin Agricultural Society.
  9. Concessionaires will be required to make use of all recycling bins provided by the Erin Agricultural Society (glass and cans).
  10. All concessions must be on site by Friday, October 6Th, 2017, by 1100 A.M. but must not arrive before designated times as per contract unless otherwise arranged with the committee chairperson.
  11. When booking square footage for concessions, please allow enough room for all open canopies, free standing canopies and for food vendors, trailer hitches and fold out panels. Vehicles, motor homes and supply trailers will no longer be permitted, unless absolutely required for display purposes, in vendor space. There will be a specific vendor parking area where there will be hydro available if needed at an additional $25.00 hook up charge for each additional plug in. If any vendor exceeds their allotted square footage or encroaches on another vendors space, you will be asked either to pay a premium on extra space of $5.00/square foot or remain in the footage or space that you have rented. There will be NO exceptions.
  12. Your space at the fair will be guaranteed, NOT YOUR LOCATION, upon receiving the signed agreement, full payment by mailing an e-transfer or bank draft or money order OR CERTIFIED CHEQUE and providing a copy of your insurance for the concession space by the specific date on the attached letter.
  13. All vendors have the choice of purchasing additional weekend passes at a lesser charge of $20.00. These additional passes must be ordered and paid for upon signing the contract. The lesser charge only applies for the 2 dates that contracts must be returned by. After that the regular rate of $30.00 per weekend pass will apply.
  14. All vendors will be required to have concessions open for business by 9:00 AM on the Saturday, Sunday and Monday of the fair weekend. No vehicles will be permitted on the grounds after this set time due to the safety of the public, there will be ZERO TOLERENCE in this regard. We strongly advise to be stocked in the morning. If your vehicle is parked on the grounds where it is not permitted, the Erin Agricultural Society will have it towed at the owners expense. Due to the growth of the fair there will be a no tolerance in effect all weekend until Monday after 4:00 PM when vendors can take down their concessions.
  15. The location of all vendors will be decided by the committee members and their decision is final. The space or footage that has been allotted to each vendor will be theirs for the duration of the fair. At no time will a space or footage be given up to accommodate another vendor. No refunds will be reimbursed by the Erin Agricultural Society if the location is not desired by the vendor.
  16. Vendors will not be allowed to set up a concession without consent of a committee member. All vendors must report to the main office to receive their concession package and office staff will confirm that all documents and monies are in place. Any vendor not complying to this will be asked to leave premises or produce proper documents and/or all monies.
  17. Set up times will be as follows: Food Concessions – Wednesday morning; Outside Concessions – Thursday; Inside Tent Concessions – Friday before 11 am.
  18. The Erin Agricultural Society has the right to amend the Rules and Regulations agreement at any time if extenuating circumstances arise.
Fall Fair Vendors