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Please read Rules and Regulations for all Exhibitors as well as specific rules for classes you are interested in. Download individual class, event or contest PDFs below. Please include your emergency number on all entry forms to ensure delivery of prize money.

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Office: 190 Main Street, Box 906, Erin, Ontario N0B 1T0
Phone: (519) 833-2808 (leave message)
Fax: (519) 833-0673

2018 Entry Forms

Homecraft Entry Form (Fillable PDF)
Livestock ~except beef~ Entry Form (Fillable PDF)
NOTE – when emailing entry forms please use: (not .ca)

2018 Livestock and Small Animals


Heavy Horse (Class 13)
Registered Haflinger & Heavy Horse Pull (Classes 13a & 14)
Ontario Barrel Racing (Class 15)
Welsh Ponies & Sportponies
(Classes 16 & 16a)
Gaited Horse (Class 16g)
Open Horse (Class 17)
Hunter / Jumper (Class 18)

Dairy & Beef

Grand River Jersey (Class 19)
4-Hers Little Royal (Class 20)

Galloway Junior & All-Beef Breed
(Classes 21 – 24)
4-H Inter-Club & Market Beef
(Classes 25 & 26)

Smaller Animals

Goats (Classes 2 – 5)
Sheep & Lambs (Classes 6 – 11 and 12)
Rabbits and Cavy (Class 28)

2018 Homecraft and Food


Roots, Vegetables and Fruit (Class 32a)
Giant Pumpkin Weigh Off  (Class 32b)
Rural Products (Class 33)
Canning (Class 37)
Baking (Class 43)
Junior Foods (Class 46)


Flowers (Class 34)
Clothing (Class 35)
Knitted and Crocheted Articles (Class 36)
Quilting (Class 38)
Hobbies, Crafts and Needlework (Class 39)
Junior Crafts (Class 44)
Youth Poster (Class 44c)


Hay and Grain (Classes 30 & 31)
Woodworking (Class 40)
Fine Art (Class 41)
Photography Class (41a)
Antiques and Collectibles (Class 42)
Special Needs (Class 45)

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