Ambassador Program at theErin Fall Fair

Ambassador scholarship and
leadership program

If you are a resident of The Town of Erin and/or reside within 50 km of the Erin fair grounds you are eligible to apply for the Erin Fair Ambassador Program. Application form to be submitted by September 19, 2017. Click or tap below for complete details.

Ambassador Competition ~ Exhibits Hall
Friday, October 6, 2017 at 7:00pm

  1. Contestants, male or female:
    Senior: 17 years of age and over as of August 1, 2017
    Junior: 13 to 16 years of age as of August 1, 2017
  2. Must be a resident of The Town of Erin and/or reside within 50 km of the Erin fair
  3. Must have resided in Canada for the past two years.
  4. Winner of the Senior Competition will represent the Erin Agricultural Society at the
    August 2018 Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) Ambassador of the Fair Contest.
  5. Winner of the Junior Competition cannot run in the senior competition for at least
    one (1) year after his/her reign.
  6. Contestants will be judged on interview, speech, community knowledge and
    involvement, presentation, deportment, and personality.
  7. Winners and Runner-ups of both the Senior and Junior Competitions must be able
    to attend throughout the duration of the Fair and other scheduled events.
  8. Components of the competition include:
    a. An interview of approximately 10 minutes in length for both Junior and Senior
    b. A current events quiz consisting of 10 questions
    c. An impromptu question, which will be provided by the Committee
    d. Finalists for both Juniors and Seniors will be asked to give a speech about
    Agricultural practices or issues, rural life and related activities. All contestants
    should be prepared to give a speech.
    Senior: approximately three to five minutes
    Junior: approximately two to four minutes
  9. Application form to be submitted by September 19, 2017 to Erin
    Agricultural Society, P.O. Box 906, Erin, ON, N0B 1T0 or by email to
  10. Winner of the Senior Competition to receive $1500 scholarship and 1st Runner-up
    to receive $500.
  11. Winner of the Junior Competition to receive $750 scholarship and 1st Runner-up
    to receive $250.

For more information, please contact: Sarah Warn (519) 216-2377 and Marissa Mallais. Changes may be made without notice at the discretion of the Committee and all decisions made by the committee are final.


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Ambassador of the Fair 2016

Ambassador of the Fair 2016

Welcome to the Erin Fall Fair!

My name is Lindsey Patterson, and for the last year I have had the privilege of holding the title Senior Fall Fair Ambassador.

This role has opened many doors for me, has boosted my self confidence and has given me many unforgettable experiences. Last year’s fair was a huge success, myself and Junior Ambassador Heidi Wenger had an amazing time meeting local vendors and competitors. The highlight of the weekend for myself was going into the pull sled while the truck pulls were happening and handing out many winning ribbons.

Without this program I would not have had the chance to meet the other ambassadors from all the fairs across Ontario. If you are thinking of running for junior or senior Ambassador I would encourage you to try it, the process and people are awesome and it’s an experience you’ll never forget.

To all those visiting our fair this year, enjoy the awesome food, great vendors, competitions, rides, family, friends, and fun!

Happy Thanksgiving,
Lindsey Patterson

Junior Ambassador 2016

Junior Ambassador 2016

So far, my time as the Jr. Erin Fall Fair Ambassador has been such a learning experience!

Thanksgiving weekend was so much fun. I spent the weekend with the Sr. Ambassador Lindsey Patterson. We handed out awards and ribbons at shows, discovered all the displays in the Ag Awareness tent, enjoyed some fresh baked goodies, and rode on some of the midway rides.

Following the Fall Fair weekend, I attended the District 7 meeting with other Ambassadors where we practiced impromptu questions and joined in on Ambassador Workshops. I have the opportunity to attend the 4H Club awards night and hand out ribbons.

I now look forward to continue representing the Erin Agricultural Society at other Fairs and socializing with other Ambassadors.

Heidi Wenger