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Thanksgiving Weekend ~ October 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9, 2017

Welcome to the 167th Erin Fall Fair, Ontario’s preview to the Royal Winter Fair!

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Erin Fall Fair - Great Entertainment

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Erin Fall Fair - Prestigious Events

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Erin Fall Fair - Equine Competitions

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Erin Fall Fair - Great Food and Midway

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Erin Fall Fair - Truck & Tractor Pulls

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Erin Fall Fair - Livestock Shows

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Erin Fall Fair - Awesome Fireworks

Great Pumpkin Contest

Erin Fall Fair - Great Pumpkin Contest




Over the past 150 years, we as a nation have grown, fought for and prospered into this country we call home. Agriculture was a huge part of this past and still to this day is a vital part of the development and growth of communities a broad. As the saying goes “Farmers Feed Cities”, which can not be more true.

We, as an agricultural society, have a mandate to promote and be advocates of agricultural practices to these communities and cities, assisting the public to better understand where their food comes from. Food does not grow among the aisles of the grocery stores, nor do livestock graze the vast concrete jungles, as some may think.

Family Farming

In and around Erin we are blessed with rolling hills smothered in fields of golden grains swaying in the breeze and green pastures streaming with new life and grazing livestock. Majestic bank barns which the sun rises and sets over every day, symbolizing the long tradition of the family farm.

Family farms are the founding part of our community in which over the years locally grown crops and livestock that have been produced. Great pride was put into every seed that is sown, every animal that was nurtured and every product that was produced to sell. The fair is the one place where local farmers and producers can come to showcase their products and animals. It’s a place where the stage is set for competition of bragging rights and is also a place where the farm can come to life in an urban environment. Allowing people the opportunity to pause and reflect on this timely tradition.

Canadian Traditions

Traditions have come and gone just as years have come and gone. Over the past 150 years we have celebrated the great tradition we call Canada. Let’s keep this tradition alive by coming together to celebrate the long tradition of agriculture at the 167th edition of the Erin Fall Fair. Just as Thanksgiving is a tradition to most, come make the Erin Fall Fair your family tradition.

Dwayne Gregson
2017 EAS President